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Post-Op Care

What to Do After Local Anesthetic

For several of our treatments, we utilize local anesthetic to help prevent kids from feeling any discomfort while we work in their mouth. This is a safe and common dental solution, but for many children, it can be their first time experiencing something like this. Often, it leads to children wanting to suck, chew, poke, or play with the area that has been numbed. However, this can lead to irritation in the mouth or accidentally self-harm.

We encourage all our parents to monitor their children closely after they have gone through sedation or local anesthetic. Typically, the numbness they feel in the lips and mouth will last around two hours. To help prevent any accidental biting, having a diet of just liquids during this two hour window will be best.

What if My Child Accidentally Bites Themself?

With a numb mouth, accidents like a bitten tongue or cheek can happen. While this is not urgent or often serious, it can be surprising for your child. The best course of action is to provide a cold compress to the area to minimize any swelling. If there is any bleeding, simply use gauze or a clean cloth to apply firm but gentle pressure. In most cases, the bleeding should stop shortly. If there is persistent bleeding, call our office in Charlotte, NC or your pediatrician.

Post-Surgical Oral Care

After extensive dental treatment, it is best to keep the area of the mouth as clean as possible. Rinsing often with water will help get any food particles out of wounds. Your child may also need help brushing their teeth because they will need to be extra careful around the surgical site. If you notice any opening of wounds or excessive bleeding, contact our office right away.

What to Do After a Tooth Removal?

After a tooth has been extracted, even if it is a baby tooth, the mouth will likely be numb for several hours. Your child will have to take care not to accidentally bite their tongue, cheek or lips during this time. We recommend instructing your child to avoid straws, sucking, or spitting in order to allow for proper healing. Extra care will also need to be taken while brushing teeth to avoid further irritation.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Charlotte, NC office! Our team is happy to answer questions and can find a time for you to visit, too.

Post-Op Care

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